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Data Deletion Policy

Last Updated 10th May 2018


Data Sets

The following lead times apply to the deletion of data held by Toasted Digital and its third party providers. We will respond to your request within one month.


Toasted Digital Computers

90 days

G Suite

90 days + Google’s data deletion schedule. Please see notes on Emails.


90 days + Dropbox’s data deletion schedule

Toasted Digital Custom CRM

90 Days


90 days + FreeAgent’s data deletion schedule. Please see notes relating to accounting data.


90 days + GoCardless’ data deletion schedule


90 days + Roboform’s data deletion schedule

Hard Copies

90 days


Accounting data

Toasted Digital Limited is required to keep accounting data for 6 years to comply with HRMC.

We will endeavor to anonymize all unnecessary personal data in relation to this.

After the 6-year period, this data will be fully deleted.



To ensure as best possible that we have removed any personal data relating to you, we will delete all emails from your email address from G Suite’s Gmail.

Toasted Digital’s data retention policy states that we delete any emails after five years, unless the emails relate to ongoing projects.

If any of your personal data is found in emails not from the email addresses we have currently stored from you, it will be deleted as part of this retention schedule.


Data Destruction

Please see our data destruction policy for how we delete your data.