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Every One Remembered

Over 1.1 million commonwealth service men and women lost their lives during the First World War. Every One Remembered aims to remember them all.


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the brief

The story of the First World War is the story of people: Ordinary men and women who signed up and gave us extraordinary stories to tell. Stories of bravery, love and sadness, stories of Remembrance.

Every One Remembered was a project initiated by The Royal British Legion, working with the Commonwealth War Graves Commission to keep alive the memory of those who fell in the First World War, for future generations. The goal is to commemorate every single man and woman from across the Commonwealth who fell during the conflict.

We were commissioned by BPL Marketing to develop the app, working with the CWGC's WW1 database on the backend together with MODx to create a powerful infastructure.

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project requirements

  • development
  • animation
The Royal British Legion

The project

Leveraging a huge database, we had to work out a way to connect the CWGC database with the front end user.

We developed a responsive site with many features, including the ability to view the thousands of cemeteries and commemorations on a custom map. The site also needed several types of animation, including scrolling to tell the story of the soldiers and the RBL's ongoing work.

The final result is still going strong 3 years later, having comemmorated over 300,000 fallen servicemen and women to date. The site was recognised at eConsultancy's The Digitals as the best Charity and Not for Profit site of the year.




The Royal British Legion

The Legion was founded by veterans after the First World War. A century on from the start of that conflict, we're still helping today's Service men and women, veterans, and their families in almost every aspect of daily life. We also champion Remembrance, safeguarding the memory of those who have given their lives for our freedom through Remembrance education and events.


BPL Marketing

BPL managed and designed the project.