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Discovering Britain

Discover the stories behind the places you thought you knew in Britain in this extensive collection curated by the Royal Geographical Society.


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the brief

Discovering Britain has been created by Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) to help people learn more about the geographical stories behind Britain’s rich and varied landscapes.

This is the second edition of the Royal Geographical Society's Discovering Britain Project. Working with Pixillion, we were to reimagine the site and make it mobile friendly. Alongside this, the website had new types of activities to go alongside its already huge collection of walks, trails and viewpoints around Great Britain. 

We were tasked with prototyping, development and animation as well as integrating Ordnance Survey Digital Maps with the project.


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project requirements

  • development
  • animation

The project

Our approach to the project,

We worked closely with Pixillion on prototyping the project, before they went off and did visual design. We helped with some visual assets, and our biggest contribution began in the development stage.

We focused on making the site full of useful UX animation to improve its use as a tool. We developed a responsive front end that integrated Ordnance Survey maps and Google Maps. The site is build on a MODx content management system, enabling RGS to manage their vast amount of rich content themselves.

The project included the use of CSS Animation, jQuery, Mapping API integration and scrolling animation. 






Pixillion are a digital content production agency. We've collaborated closely with them over almost a decade on many creative projects. Pixillion worked on the visual design for this project.


Discovering Britain Royal Geographical Society (with the Institute of British Geographers)

The Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) is a leading world centre for geographers and geographical learning together with its application to today’s challenges. Founded in 1830, the Society has a long and distinguished history in geographical research, fieldwork and expeditions and sharing new knowledge with a wide range of audiences.