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BT Skills for Tomorrow Interactive Videos

Production of educational video content, aiming to provide digital skills to millions of people across the UK.


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the brief

BT Skills for Tomorrow aims to help families, businesses and communities across the UK with key digital skills training.

We were asked to develop a concept and produce online learning content for BT’s Skills for Tomorrow website, serving as part of a national campaign to reach millions people over the next few years.

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project requirements

  • microsite
  • design
  • development
  • animation

The project

What We Delivered

We worked closely with BT to develop interactive video learning content. We designed and developed a bespoke interactive video player, allowing learners to watch video content, bolster their learning with additional hints and tips, and finally test their knowledge with tests and challenges. Our agency delivered:

  • Concepts
  • Scripts / Copy
  • Video production
  • Digital Design and Development
  • Deployment
  • Additional PDF download content design





BT Skills for Tomorrow

Helping families, businesses and communities across the UK


The Team

Creative technical direction Sam Vestby-Clarke
Developer Matt Barney
Writer Lee Kozlowski-Dormon
Designer Rossana Piazzini

Video Production Partner

Merbis Photography & Filmmaking

Director Remco Merbis. Dop Tom German, gaffer Jack Lilley, producer Maia Fry and sound recordist Luke Predeth. Talent: Remel London and Catherine Rock.